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The Festival du Thé 2005 in Paris

festivalthe2005.jpgThe first Festival du Thé is taking place this weekend and until the end of tomorrow in Paris. The goal of the event is to introduce the general public to the enormous diversity that is to be found in the world of tea and to explain that tea is much more than just Lipton Yellow Label tea bags. To that end they have organized several tracks to present what they call a world of scents and colors (the various types of tea), a world of origins (countries of origin and specifically Sri Lanka, Japan, China, India and Kenya), a world for today (when, where and what to drink as tea in today's world) and last a world of spirituality and happiness (beauty and health benefits, relaxation, stimulation).

This event is organised by the French Tea Comitee and amongst the participants are all the Tea Boards of the countries enumerated, several french tea companies, Twinings, KusmiTea and also... Lipton ;-) You can also find the complete press release here (in french).

We will be visiting this event tomorrow and will try to review it here.


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