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If There Was Only One...

Mariage Frères in the MaraisThe absolute reference in terms of tea shop is without a doubt Mariage Frères in Paris. They’re one of the oldest establishments in France and have done a lot to give tea it’s “lettres de noblesse”. They have, as only the French can do, made tea a luxury product. Their assortment is huge (600 varieties). They have published beautiful books on the subject. They have a range of perfumed candles and exquisite teaware. They even have a tea musem above their historic adress in the Marais (which is really worth a visit). They’re very expensive but you have the feeling of buying something precious. The staff, in colonial outfits, are very knowledgeable and one discovers something new every time. Mariage Frères is a bit the Hermès of tea : fabulous and very luxurious !!!

If you’re in Paris and you like tea, you MUST visit. The adress is : 30 rue du Bourg-Tibourg, Paris 4e Tél. : +33(0)1 42 72 28 11. I would advise not going on weekends as the Marais shop is quite small and it quickly gets very crowded (which detracts a lot from the experience).


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Dear Teamaster!

Do You interested in a linkchange?

My site:
Hungarian Tea Blog

Dear Teamaster!

Do You interested in a linkchange?

My site:
Hungarian Tea Blog

Hello Teamaster,

Mariage Freres does indeed have a beautiful shop but
if there was just one.... online shop, methinks it would have to be Jing Tea.com

In order to support my bold statement i would like to offer you the chance for a taste off!

I could send you some tea that you might like to taste and give your expert opinion on and possibly compare to any others you may already have....taste and qualitly are everything!

Sound like something you might be interested in?
If so, let me know how to contact you.
Cheers and good tea drinking to all!

True Mariage Freres is indeed top-class. Last time I visited them, I noticed Japanes green tea from Shizuoka where I live.
Great blog! I could have commented in French, but since all your posts are in English, I'm pretty comfortable with it!
Great Blog!
Will continue exploring it!

mmmmm, love Mariage Freres teas, I have a blog on them, check it out.

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