August 25, 2006

Simple Darjeeling for Everyday

Twinings Vintage DarjeelingIf you're like me, you will have mornings where, coming down to breakfast like a zombie, the idea of having to choose and savour a fine tea can be daunting. You just want a simple quality tea that will wake you in a nice way while not giving you any guilt feelings for not paying particular attention to it. In others words, a cheap but reliable and tasty tea. Twinings sells boxes of leaf tea, one of which is called Vintage Darjeeling. This is a blend of Darjeeling teas of undetermined flush but it's predictable, it's good and it's cheap (compared to buying a first flush from some famous garden...). It's way better than lipton yellow label or the usual supermarket teas and it's great value for the price (+/- 10 € for 200 gr.)

November 27, 2005

Prince Vladimir

Prince VladimirAs long as we're in a Russian mood, let's quickly review Prince Vladimir, a beautiful aromatic blend by the old Franco-Russian company Kusmi Tea. Russian blends are typically Chinese teas mixed with a various citric scents. This tea is a bit more complex. It is a blend of China teas but with natural scents of bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, vanilla, cinnamon and cloves. The combination of citric fruits and spices makes for a fresh but warm flavour very evocative of ... winter ! A great tea for these short, cold, wet days of November ;-)